What is fascia and what is fascia therapy?

Fascia is like a second skin or second skeleton, it wraps around the muscles, bones, internal organs and the nervous system, having numerous properties but above all it is sensitive to stress.

Will I find a solution to my problem?

Bioenergetic fasciatherapy allows the therapist to very gently reach the cause of what is causing, discomfort, ailment, pain, or even an illness and to treat it manually with a soft massage.
The trauma could be physical or psychological, for example a violent emotion or fear creates a tension, blood pressure change, altered cardiac rhythm, and this tension affects the weaker organs in that person. By relaxing the fascias we release accumulated tension. Also fasciatheraphy works well in all the supporting body tissues and those in charge of fluids and cellular movement.
We cannot cure a part of our body without harmonising the rest because all of our body is perfectly interconnected.
Keeping healthy is the objective for which the body, soul and mind of the human being strives.
Fasciatherapy and holistic kinesiology are a valuable ally for conventional medicine, they help to restore the flow of energy.