What is holistic kinesiology and what is for?

It is a diagnostic method based on neuro-structural testing to obtain objective information for a body’s imbalance at a physical, chemical, psycho-emotional or energetic level.

Will I find a solution to my problem?

Holistic kinesiology allows us to easily identify the source of the problem which is causing the discomfort, ailment, pain, or illness, and treat it with natural methods or products such us homeopathy, herbs, flowers, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and suitable diet. All treatments are free from unwanted secondary effects.
The bioenergetic method is based on traditional Chinese medicine and helps us reconnect with our own vital energy. The meridians are freeways of energy allowing circulation of vital energy in our bodies and the chakras are our energy centres. Having the meridians and chakras in equilibrium helps our body maintain its natural health.